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Leadership bookBurn! 7 Leadership Myths in Ashes

This book was published in 2006, the culmination of over 20 years of thinking about how to redefine leadership for a modern, knowledge driven age where knowledge is a more important source of power or leadership influence than position or title.

Unsolicited comments on Leadersdirect since its launch in February 1996. (Managing Yourself, Leading Others until August 2000)

Many of the following comments came along in the early days, the late nineties when there was not a lot on these topics available online and people were more excited about the internet generally.

Everyone craves feedback. We want to know what our friends or family members really think of us. But it's hard to get honest feedback if you simply ask for it. Giving people a way of providing feedback anonomously is much better, easier for us to digest and easier for them to give.

What is career transition coaching? It can be individual support and coaching for departing managers. There is also group career counselling and job search advice. Training for HR staff can also be offered to conduct in-house coaching.

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