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Mitch McCrimmonLaunched in 1994, based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our team is made up of Mitch McCrimmon, Ph.D. with over 30 years experience, plus highly skilled associate consultants. 

Our focus is executive assessment and coaching, with a particular expertise in the design of assessment centers. We conduct assessments for selection, succession planning and development. Identifying the right person for the job is a critically important investment. The cost of appointing the wrong person can be excessive.

Assessments for either development or selection make use of a wide range of psychometric questionnaires but the greatest added value comes from the interview that aims to verify and expand on trends emerging in psychometric profiles. It takes experience and insight to form a clear picture of how a particular profile will be exhibited, how someone is likely to behave on the job. We also use assessment center exercises for some senior level assessments.

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Mitch McCrimmon lived in the UK for 20 years from 1986 to 2006. In 1990, he was designated a Chartered Psychologist by the British Psychological Society. He was a consultant with KPMG in Toronto and London in the mid 1980's and spent 6 years with PA Consulting Group in London from 1989 to 1994.

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