AngerLosing your cool at the drop of a hat these days? Urge to kill? Anger management is a hot topic today. Everyone is in a hurry thanks to the pressure to get more done in less time. No one is immune. Getting angry too often or too readily undermines our self esteem once we cool off and realize how badly we lost control of ourselves. We can't be successful unless we can manage ourselves.

Only a few people naturally get angry very easily. Most people get angry because their anger threshold is too low. It's because so much frustration has built up that you have a short fuse. Instead of looking inside for the cause of negative feelings, we blame something external to us.

Can you raise your threshold for getting angry? Examine what has led you to carry around so much frustration. Putting the causes down on paper make. them less nebulous. Break the causes of your frustration down into bite size pieces.

Managing your anger

  • Ask yourself how you could react differently to these issues.
  • Make an action plan to change what you can change.
  • What is easiest to change is how you view situations that are upsetting you.
  • Some causes of frustration will be work related, some personal.
  • Knowing that we all face such issues means youíre not necessarily odd.
  • Catch yourself when you feel your anger boiling up.
  • Write down why this event is provoking you.
  • What is it about your attitude that makes it possible for you to feel anger in this situation?
  • If you can't change it, how can you view it differently?
  • Ask yourself if there isn't some other way you could react to it.
  • Convince yourself that there are no objective causes of anger. Can you think of a way to react differently?
  • No one can force you to feel anything.
  • Force yourself to look for positives in every situation.
  • Try to find a funny side to upsetting situations.