Everyone craves feedback. We want to know what our friends or family members really think of us. But it's hard to get honest feedback if you simply ask for it. Giving people a way of providing feedback anonomously is much better, easier for us to digest and easier for them to give.

Use our Personal Strengths Feedback Survey to get feedback on what people see as your strengths and areas for improvement. (Price: $14.95) Our survey covers only characteristics that you can modify, so things like looks and intelligence are not included.

Why should you do this? Our confidence is affected by what we think of ourselves. The problem is that we put ourselves down generally just because there is one thing about ourselves that we don't like. The reality is that people value us for a range of things but we may overlook them or not be aware of. We can be blind to our good qualities because they are things that come naturally to us, are easy for us so we mistakenly think that they are nothing special.

Personal Strengths Surveyed

Here are the personal qualities that our survey asks your friends to give you feedback on:

Friendly Trustworthy Humor
Listening Respectful Dependable
Confident Understanding Imaginative
Fun Helpful Warm
Assertive Ethical Organized
Positive Active Polite

The survey asks 3 questions regarding the personal traits on this list:

  1. Which are this person's clearest 3 to 5 strengths.
  2. Which are this person's 3 to 5 main areas for improvement.
  3. Which 3 to 5 of these characteristics do you most value in a friend or companion.

All three questions also have space to add other characteristics not on the above list. The third question (what characteristics people value in a friend) is very useful because we can easily fall into the trap of thinking that people might value us only for our looks or some other single trait when, in fact, they really value a range of other personal characteristics too.

When you sign up for this survey, you will get a link to it that you can email to up to 20 friends or family members to complete for you. There must be at least 5 to make it worthwhile. People willing to provide you with this feedback can to so completely anonymously. They are asked to fill in your name on the survey, but not their own. They will have up to a week to complete the survey for you. When that time is up, you will be emailed your report.