Letting GoIf you see yourself as indispensable, you might have trouble letting go. Such as when you... can't bring yourself to retire, can't stop doing the job you were promoted out of, can't stop doing your subordinates' jobs for them or can't leave comfortable habits behind you.

Or, perhaps you don't delegate without hovering over people, delegate only menial, safe tasks or fail to empower people, insisting that they get your approval for everything.

What are you trying to prove? 

  • Letting go is hardest if you have only a vacuum to move into.
  • So, get involved in the new before letting go of the old.
  • If someone's taking your place, does it matter if they don't do things as you would?
  • You want people to carry on your work as you would have done.
  • Just like you want your children to do as well as you did.
  • But you have to let them go their own way too.
  • Too much of your identity wrapped up in what you have been doing?
  • People can benefit from diversification just as much as companies do.
  • Are you trapped in a vicious circle? You don't give anyone real authority, so they don't feel responsible which just confirms your opinion that no one else cares but you.