Success at Work


Effective TransitionsSome personal transitions are all-or-nothing and getting fired. Or like the death of a loved one.Other transitions are putting in a new computer system. All you can do is live through the trauma of imposed transitions. 

What can you do to make your career transitions smoother? The transitions you initiate for yourself are easier if you phase them.

  • Imposed transitions and fear of the unknown cause us to resist.
  • Experimenting with the unknown before letting go of the familiar makes it less scary.
  • Get involved EARLY in the transitions others are launching.
  • Sudden transitions are followed by a period of shock, bereavement, anger, depression and confusion.
  • These are normal, unavoidable reactions ...only to be lived through.
  • A career with lots of change makes unexpected transitions easier.
  • Take stock of what changes you successfully negotiated in the past.
  • How did you do it? And what did you learn that can be applied now?
  • How can you see your personal transition as an opportunity? What are the positives in the situation?
  • Who else do you know who has successfully negotiated a similar personal transition.

Transition coaching

Confidential coaching for a successful transition.

To help you:

  • surmount all likely obstacles to your success.
  • establish reasonable objectives in a new position.
  • get up to speed and start delivering quickly
  • ensure that you understand all key stakeholder expectations
  • develop new skills appropriate for a bigger role
  • adjust to culture differences.
  • minimize transition anxiety.
  • develop constructive relationships early.
  • build a mutually supportive team.
  • create quick wins.
  • make sense of a new role.
  • plan and manage a smooth retirement.
  • let go of old habits and old roles more comfortably.
  • smoothen transitions for others.
  • develop a successor.