empowermentEmpowerment means letting go of the authority to make certain decisions. This is good management practice but also about facing reality - that modern employees won't accept jobs where they have no say in their day to day decisions.

Managing ChangeTons has been written on how to manage organizational change but what can individual managers or other employees do to cope more effectively with change? Fearing change can have a number of causes, including low self esteem, which stems from doubting our ability to cope with the unknown.

360 FeedbackWho do you see when you look in the mirror? Not yourself, but your preferred image of yourself. Is that really how others see you? How can you improve if you think you are OK already? Research has shown that most managers tend to overrate themselves. We seem to have a tendency to think that we are better than we are and more competent than others. Of course, some lack confidence and underrate themselves, but it is easy to have an inaccurate self-perception, either way.

CreativityWithout creativity, business stands still or loses ground to competitors. Today's results needed to be delivered while simultaneously creating the future. To foster creativity: remove barriers and set up a culture that stimulates it. 

The creative person generates new ideas; the entrepreneur turns them into profits. Leaders are either personally creative or quick to exploit the ideas of creative people. Entrepreneurship is the process of marrying a good idea and a market need.