Self Esteem


Whose Standards?Are excessively high standards hurting your self esteem? Low self esteem can be the result of trying to meet unrealistic standards - ones we acquired early in life and which are no longer relevant. It's important to recognize when we are beating ourselves to live up to crazy standards. Improving self esteem should start with an assessment of expectations. It isn't easy to separate out our real standards from the ones we grew up with because we just take for granted the ones we have always tried to live up to without questioning them.

Self Esteem AttitudeA key to improving self esteem is to recognize that it is an attitude. This is important because attitudes are easier to change than the external conditions of our lives that we wish we could change. An attitude is harder to change than your clothes but it is possible with effort.

Don't like myselfSaying "I don't like myself" is too all-or-nothing. You're saying you dislike EVERYTHING about yourself. In fact, you may simply be unhappy about one or two of your things, which obscures your many good qualities. Have you tried making a list of all your likeable qualities?

Boost your self esteemCheck out these practical steps to boost your self esteem. Self-acceptance and total confidence fall along a continuum. The former just means accepting ourselves warts and all without driving ourselves to be perfect. You can accept yourself without being highly confident but it is a good first step.