Success at Work


Effective TransitionsSome personal transitions are all-or-nothing and getting fired. Or like the death of a loved one.Other transitions are putting in a new computer system. All you can do is live through the trauma of imposed transitions. 

Thinking about moving on? What are your options? Stay within your industry - - - same or better job. Stay within your function, but change industries. Find a completely different job, one using some transferable skills.

Become a management consultant, employed or on your own. Set up in business for yourself. Acquire new skills and do something new.

Promoting YourselfGetting promoted is like getting elected - you need supporters Your most important supporters will be superiors and peers. But don't forget customers and subordinates. Involve yourself in pet projects of powerful potential supporters. 

Ask them about their goals, obstacles and interests to find out their needs and to think how you might help them. 

RetirementThe word "retirement" isn't politically correct any more. Instead of retiring, people keep busy doing something, working part-time or doing something else to keep busy. No matter what you call it, we need an occupation.

Still there is a time to let go of long held occupations, time to move on and let others take our place. Retirement needn't be scary if you have something to go to, something to take the place of what has occupied you thus far in your life.