Success at Work


DefensivenessEmotional intelligence includes self-awareness, realizing why we do or don't do certain things. It is natural to be somewhat defensive but being able to limit the worst aspects of defensive is a key part of being emotionally intelligent. How defensive are you when criticized or when things go wrong? Do you find it easy to admit your mistakes or are you quick to blame others or circumstances? Do you learn from your mistakes or do you tend to discount them?

AngerLosing your cool at the drop of a hat these days? Urge to kill? Anger management is a hot topic today. Everyone is in a hurry thanks to the pressure to get more done in less time. No one is immune. Getting angry too often or too readily undermines our self esteem once we cool off and realize how badly we lost control of ourselves. We can't be successful unless we can manage ourselves.

Stress at WorkStressed? How does it feel? Constantly in a hurry? Keyed up to the point of disorientation? Can't unwind even at home? Shorter fuse than usual? Forgetting...even more often? Snapping at family and friends? Making hastier decisions, more mistakes? 

Too much last minute rush? A certain amount of stress is healthy - it keeps us on our toes. Stress overload happens to all of us some of the time. It's when it becomes the norm that it is a problem.

People's FeelingsHow sensitive are you to the feelings of others? Hard enough for most of us, but being hyper-busy makes it hard to notice anything unless it hits us in the face. If you are too busy or not naturally perceptive, what can you do to take account of the feelings of others? Why bother? Well, if you overlook people's feelings they assume that you are either insensitive or don't care about them, not a recipe for building or maintaining productive relationships.