Success at Work


EmotionsEmotional intelligence is the ability to manage our emotions and those of others. The first step is to understand how our own emotions affect how we think and act. Also vital to understand how our emotions affect others. How can you become more aware of other people's emotions, what impact they have on how they behave and on how we feel?

Feeling PowerlessIt is easy to feel powerless when faced by large institutions that have so much power over us. Where we work, it is drummed into our heads that management makes all the decisions and we are meant to do what we are told. What can you do to influence things and gain some control over your destiny?

Conflict resolutionConflict is inevitable because we want to differentiate ourselves from others and we all have different values, priorities and interests. But conflict is not all bad. It yields better ideas - as free markets create better products. So we don't want to dampen conflict simply in the name of team spirit. 

AssertivenessHow can you be assertive without being aggressive? How can you preserve relationships with people without being too passive or submissive? A hard balance to strike! Some of us are too aggressive others are too submissive. Getting the balance right is not easy.