Success at Work


Relationships at WorkYour success at work depends as much on strong relationships as it does on job skills. Even if you're socially very outgoing, you'll be more successful if you think as much about the needs of others as you do your own.

The single most important key to successful relationship building is to focus on other people's needs. Making an effort to get to know people simply doesn't go far enough if your approach is too self-oriented.

Self Limiting BeliefsWe stay where it's safe for fear of failing and feeling humiliated. Self-limiting beliefs amount to a self-imposed prison, a set of walls we build and maintain to defend and protect ourselves. How can we break out?

Communication SkillsCommunication is usually thought of as a one-way activity, so we talk about frequency and clarity, throwing in good listening skills as an afterthought. But real communication is dialogue - two way communication. 

The best way to foster dialogue is to ask open questions in a supportive tone of voice with a supportive choice of words.

Confidence at WorkIt's impossible to feel confident all the time. Even the greatest sports figures suffer from bouts of low self-confidence. It's like mood - no one is in a good or bad mood all the time. It shifts from day to day. The best we can do is work at it continuously, not aiming to feel confident all the time, just trying to feel confident more often than not.