Success at Work


There are two job markets: formal, consisting of jobs advertised online or in newspapers. Then there is the informal job market made up of unadvertised job opportunities which you must dig out through your own initiative.

Goals at WorkHow can you be more successful in achieving what you want in life and work?  Personal effectiveness means making the most at all personal resources at our disposal - our talent, energy and time relative to what's most important to us. It's like money management or investment - we want to get the best return on our resources.

A well prepared CV or Résumé is essential to market yourself to new jobs. First, what it is not... Just a historical document, a record of what you did when and where. What it is... A brochure to advertise your services. A marketing tool.

How to manage your careerHow can you manage your career when so much of your fate is in your boss's hands? Other than leave, which you can control, what else can you do to manage your career while staying with your current employer?