I'm the bossLEADERSHIP: How should we define leadership for the 21st century to fit our knowledge driven world? Leadersdirect offers a NEW definition of leadership: showing the way for others, either by example or by promoting a new direction. Issues explored include: Are there any born leaders? Are women better leaders than men? What is leadership style? What is servant leadership? How can leadership be shown bottom-up?

MANAGEMENT: What is management? Achieving goals in a way that makes the best use of all resources. This covers self-management as well as managing others. How does management differ from leadership? See pages on management skills - delegation, time management, communication, coaching, influencing skills and team building.

SUCCESS at WORK: How to be more successful at work, manage your career effectively, manage yourself and your time, get along with others and achieve your goals, manage your emotions and relate to the emotions of others effectively - emotional intelligence.

SELF ESTEEM: How to raise your self esteem and confidence to feel better about who you are.

SRG SERVICES: Assessment of management potential for selection or development; executive coaching.

Purpose of Leadersdirect

Our aim is to promote a new definition of leadership, one that is independent of position and that shows how leadership can be bottom-up as well as top-down. The key point about leadership shown upwards is that it can come to an end once those in charge buy the new idea. This means that it is possible to show leadership without having anything to do with getting things done or managing people. The implication of this point is that leadership must be defined as showing the way for others, the successful promotion of a new direction, leaving management the job of getting it done through people. This is the way leading by example works.

Consider Martin Luther King's protest against segregation on buses, targetted at government. This is leadership from the sidelines or bottom-up because King did not manage the implementation of his ideas. The U.S. Supreme court ruled segregation on buses unconstitutional and the government implemented this change of policy. King's leadership, therefore, ended once government bought his vision. Such leadership is nothing more than the promotion of a new direction. We need to move beyond leadership definitions that imply being in charge of people. Thought leadership is another example, where employees promote ideas to their bosses thus showing bottom-up leadership. See also Thought Leadership.

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